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The rad stick puppets I made for the puppet show we put on as part of our Services for Children and Young Adults class in school~  (For the last week my homework has consisted entirely of crafts and reading Batman comics.  That’s right, be jealous.)

Our group chose to adapt Mwenye Hadithi’s fantastic picture book Greedy Zebra into a puppet show for an audience of fifth graders daycare children (the class that was coming cancelled last minute!)  I used this same book originally for a children’s programming project a month back, but I enjoyed the story and Adrienne Kennaway’s illustrations so much that I thought it would work great in puppet form too.

The figures were all copied from the book, cut out on sturdy foam and then had details added on in construction paper before being mounted on popsicle sticks.  They were really time-intensive to make, but they worked great and I think the kids really liked it.  :3

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