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This is such a fantastic piece touching on so many things.  Neil Gaiman effortlessly puts into words so many crucial and simple truths about libraries, reading for pleasure, and encouraging a love of literacy and imagination in children.  Seriously, this man just gets it.

This is fantastic.  Finally, Geronimo Stilton and Big Nate FOR EVERYONE!  *Children everywhere rejoice*

Seriously though, our library should subscribe to this.

:B  Definitely not a book for the children’s area.  Put this book in the hands of a five-year-old and Winterfell will just get destroyed all over again.

How can we make smarter babies? These days there seem to be brain building claims on almost every baby product. While many of these claims have been validated by research, what does the research say about educational apps for babies?

An interesting article from the School Library Journal.  Fuelled by the recent complaint filed by the CCFC (Campaign for a Commercial Free Childhood) against Fisher-Price’s popular “Laugh & Learn” apps, the article debates whether early literacy apps are actually beneficial to the faster development of infants, and whether they’re even needed or not.

The Sherlock Holmes one would be better if it were Benedict Cumberbatch Sherlock — but if it were, I’m sure that woman wouldn’t so much be sleeping peacefully as she would actually be jumping Mr. Cumberbatch’s sexy super sleuth body~

Scroll further on in the blog post to see some additional self-designed  Lego librarians that the author did up, some of them are gold.  (I sniggered particularly hard at the children’s librarian and the academic faulty-status librarian.)  :D

(Not that we can’t still read Harry Potter again, mind you.  Obviously it just means we have to read really extra fast to fit them all in.)

A beach library at Bulgaria’s Black Sea resort in Albena!

Here’s another example of beach library at Tel Aviv — launched by the municipality, the little mobile library roams a different beach each day.  If we had beaches (which we sadly don’t,) this would be very cool~

Neil Gaiman has long been on record as a fan of libraries, sometimes even calling himself a “feral child” raised by librarians among the stacks. So it should come as no surprise that the American Library Association chose Gaiman to be the Honorary Chair of [2010] National Library Week.